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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 13, 2013 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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will be introduced requiring all public colleges and universities to give credit for online classes if students cannot get into crowded, closed can classes on campus. "today in the bay's" christie smith joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, laura. it's becoming harder and harder to get a degree in four years, because it's expensive but also because students are having a harder time to get the courses they need to graduate. that's where online courses could fill in the gap. legislation will be introduced in the state senate that will allow public universities and colleges to give credit for online classes for student whose otherwise couldn't get in the class, including courses taught by private vendors and some would be low cost or free. this is not without debate. some faculty members say these courses aren't properly vetted
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and are just being used as a quick fix after budget cuts. according to darryl steinberg, each had an average of 7,000 students on waiting list at the 112 community colleges and at the 20 state campuses only 16% graduate within four years. he wants them to promise no student would be denied the right to advance through their education because they couldn't get their class. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the bay." reconstruction is under way at shea panise restaurant. reopening has been pushed back at least a week. fire destroyed much of the outside seating area and damaged the downstairs. staff will be personally calling to cancel all reservations through march 30. the restaurant said it was canceling reservations through march 23rd previously.
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it also said new reservations will be accepted after march 18th. >> police are asking for the public's help in identifying and locating a man who robbed a pleasantton bank tuesday. the wells fargo bank was robbed just after 11:00 am. suspects described as an african-american man between 30 and 40 years old, black hair, brown eyes and a goatee. he is between 5'8" and six-feet tall, weighing between 160 to 175 pounds. anyone with the information is asked to call pleasantton police. palo alto police searching for a man who robbed a woman at knifepoint before sexually assaulting her. that attack happened during an arranged meeting at the glass slip per slipperi inn friday night. the victim is being described as an asian man in his 30s or 40s,
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medium build, between 5'5" and 5'9" tall wearing a brown hooded sweatshirt. increasing patrols at one neighborhood after a suspicious man approached three young girls on their way to school. we have a sketch of the subject. take a look. he approached the girls near bell haven elementary school. police say he tried to ask them a question, but the girls kept on walking. he was last seen driving a white-colored work van. investigators say the man matches the description of a suspect wanted in an indecent exposure case that happened in the same area last month. santa clara county district attorney may decide today on charges for a morgan hill daycare worker, accused of trying to drug the kids in her care. "today in the bay's" marla
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tellez is there with more. >> reporter: the doors open at 6:30. we'll be here when the parents arrive and hope to get more reaction. they're shocked, they're concerned and they're scared. morgan hill police tell us that 59-year-old deborah graus put the sleep medication in several sipy cups. someone spotted her doing this last week and she was immediately fired. taught here for five years, she looked after infants. most recently she cared for ten 1 to 2-year-olds. graus admits she did it, though she says it was only that one time. we spoke to one parent whose 2-year-old son had been under graus' care for several months. she's horrified, especially since her boy suffers from epilepsy. >> i don't know how any teacher could do this to any kid.
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>> how do you feel? >> sickening, sick to my stomach. >> reporter: the cuts were taken away before the kids could actually drink from them. still, the mother you just heard from there says she's taking her son to his doctor to get him checked out to make sure he is okay. gratz was arrested and booked on one count of felony and misdemeanor endangerment charges. that office tells us that gratz could be arraigned in court as soon as today. marla tellez, "today in the bay." >> one of those stories that's so hard to believe. >> it is. all right. let's switch gears at 5:07 and talk about that forecast. christina, could be the warmest day of the week? >> warmest day of the week so far this year. live look at the beautiful bay bridge. we have some fog drifting around. you can actually see this fog drifting with the naked eye this morning. that's how fast it's moving.
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you might walk out your front doors completely clear and then lose visibility like that on your drive to work. mike and i will be tracking that for you right now this morning. right now we're seeing the lowest visibilities around the bay on the east shore. oakland, you have less than a quarter mile available to you right now, half a mile in napa. santa rosa has been going in and out all morning long. take it to the future cast. more fog developing between now and 7:00 am. after that, it will start to burn off. after 10:00 am, mostly clear conditions from san jose all the way to freemont. fog from san francisco to oakland, that will clear out by 11:00. all that sunshine coming in early. 83 in gilroy today. lucky in san jose even before saint patrick's day. your forecast around the corner as well. heading out that front door right now, let's check your drive. hello, mike. >> good morning. to the south bay. all the way in the distance.
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center screen, watching for s w slowdowns that showed up. left and right. same view on our maps. direction there in north 880, good amount of slowing to the north. but i didn't see anything. turn the map north at the top again, that's the way it travels off 17. see that road at bascom? we still have activity there. we have a concert tonight, maroon 5, our friend adam levine playing tonight. there may be activity blocking one of your lanes. 17 itself is clear. the fog is not clear, as christina told you about. laura? >> mike, thank you. not bring as much money as was initially estimated. back in 2010, hosting the race in san francisco it was estimated would bring bri in as
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much as $1.4 billion to the local economy. but this week, san francisco mayor ed lee said the latest projections slash that number nearly in half. plans for development along the bay were scaled back and fewer teams are even expected to take part in those final races. the city is still working on private fund-raising to try to cover now the cost of the event. big turn around there. >> interesting to see how that one pans out. 5:10 right now. live coverage continues from vatican city. we've already seen today black smoke this morning. the voting is not over for the day. we're going back live to rome for an update. plus a golfer, swallowed by a sink hole, but he lives to tell the tale. we'll hear from him next. the dow will open yet again at a record level. we'll take a look at your mar t markets ahead of the bell coming up.
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good wednesday morning to you. taking a live look outside. from the distance there, you see
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the bay bridge and you can see the ant-like cars moving across the santa already. we'll check that morning commute for you, coming up. it is 5:13. nomination period starts today for the open board seat for santa clara county's district two. the board voting for a june 4th special election to fill that seat, a seat that opened march 1st. expected to plead guilty next week to multiple felony charges. he used public funds and donations to pay for his gamble ing debts. >> released just a short time ago. >> slow good news. whoo see lots of reports that tell us how things are or how things were. instead as she goes is about the best way to boil down all the data released.
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anderson forecast says growth next year will be bigger than growth last year. that's the good news but still the speed of recovery, we've seen in not quite the speed of recovery we've seen in past recoveries. we are in the midst, remember, of the slowest recovery from a recession since the second world war. the recovery has not added very many jobs. that same report says you can expect 6.5% unemployment nationwide by 2015, 7.2% unemployment in california in the same year. a new day, a new record for the dow. let's turn to bertha coombs live at cnbc headquarters. >> good morning, scott. we're seeing futures a little bit lower. the dow still managed to eek out a small gain in the final minutes at the buzzer, extending its win streak to eight days in a row. if it closes higher today, it will be the first nine-day
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winning streak in 16 years. broader s&p 500 index still hasn't hit that all-time high and snapped its seven-day winning streak. data on retail sales will like ly be impacted by not just the increase in the payroll savings tax but the fact that you are seeing people more delayed in terms getting their tax returns. also a report on business vintories as well in a few minutes. we'll take it. it's a win, to a new record. the nasdaq will start the day at 4232 after falling ten points. watch boeing with the news that the faa will let it test out a new battery system maybe that looks to open at a new high this morni morning. >> bertha, thank you much. google says it will offer its famous google glass in prescription form as well. though not right away. when i said google glass, which is the actual name of the product, most people call them
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google glasses. apple has the same problem with the ipod touch. many people insisted on calling it the i touch. they will sell it to you no matter what you call it. >> google glass not glasses. >> yes, which you wear on your glasses. >> very thick for me. >> got it. >> thank you very much. >> i prefer a mcgonigle myself. christina, what's happening outside? >> i think it looks better on you than on mr. peanut. you might want to get that transition momonicle going toda jon kelley. if you want to travel really cautiously from fremont to the east shore. the biggest weather component you have to deal with until this afternoon. that fog will clear quickly
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between 9:00 and 10:00 and high pressure will really take control of our weather pattern. we're talking about the warmest conditions we've had in almost five months. widespread 70s, isolated 80s. high pollen. keep that in mind if you suffer from the allergies, you probably noticed all the blossoms around the bay area, blooming all over the place. high pollen levels will stay for today and tomorrow. temperatures will only stay in the 80-degree range for today. get it while it's warm if that's what you're looking for. 80 in livermore. 73 in fremont. great day for outdoor lunch plans. saturday to sunday, we drop off a little bit. by monday into tuesday, things really start to change. an area of low pressure, weak disturbance. nonetheless it will change our pattern, bringing stronger on d onshore flow. maybe a stray shower late tuesday into wednesday. wednesday, first day of spring. let's check your drive. hi, mike. >> good morning. i will show you something -- i have to explain i'm showing you
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something. there you can see it, actually, the headlights. this is westbound 80. turn the camera down to the base where the camera is mounted, you can barely see the roadway. this is westbound 80, your commute direction, tough to see. that orange coming in, our index talking about the low visibility. cloud cover and fog that came through the area. that is, as krs tiena said, kicking into oakland. tough to see near berkeley as i told you. we're talking about the bay bridge. oakland side has the fog advisory. san francisco side, though, pretty clear. it's like a tale of two bridges over there. getting into the city, accident activity at 5th. the off-ramp there is open. we may have one lane blocked by three cars. sounds like they're moving cars across the area. not showing up on our index. it is there in the live shot. we will show that to you over the course of the morning. clear view for 101 along the
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peninsula. and we'll also show you the other side of the bay, fremont. things moving nicely toward tesla. >> thank you, mike. investigative unit exclusive. city of san jose trying to explain why the faa says it illegally diverted millions of dollars into the city's general fund. nbc bay area investigative unit uncovering the paper trail between the city of san jose and san jose's airport, detailing how your tax dollars and the money you spend at san jose's airport has been caught in three years of government delays. >> how did taxpayers help the people flying in and out of your airportnd how three years later this isn't finished? >> i don't think that's one of the finer aspects of government. surely, we would all liked to have gotten it done sooner. i don't want to make excuses. three years is, by anybody's standards, i think, excessive. >> the faa accused the city of
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san jose of illegally diverting funds. that's a serious accusation. agreed? >> of course, those terms are serious. >> tonight at 11:00, chief investigative reporter tony kovaleski asking the tough questions and delaying the investigation for three years. it is 5:20 right now. jon, you would love to make a hole in one, but this is one hole in one no golfer would hope for. golfer on a course in illinois was swallowed by a sink hole. he and friends were playing a round of golf when he noticed a strange depression on the course. >> wow! >> yeah. that's some divot. when he went to check it out, a sink hole opened up about ten feet deep. >> i went down in the hole, looking around, you could see that this might not be the very bottom of it. so i wasn't messing around. you could see these cracks where there was just darkness down there. i was like, someone get me out
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of here now. i need to be out of here. i'm a little claustrophobic, too, so that wasn't great. >> not a good feeling. staff at the course were able to get him out, obviously. they used a ladder and a rope. he suffer aid dislocated shoulder, however, and several bruises. he says he doesn't think he'll play that course again any time soon. >> that is just bananas there. >> big one. >> i have a feeling we'll see a lawsuit on that one. >> big hole in one. 5:21 right now. members of the san francisco symphony finding a very creative way to get the attention of the san francisco city council. we'll show you what they did next. well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse.
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we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv starting at $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible.
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welcome back, everybody, on a wednesday morning. live look over the south bay. that is san jose, as you can see some of the light there, changing in the sky over that orange glow over the city, kind
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of a cool way to start your day. it is 5:23. it is a wrap. filming it over for now in palo alto. the crew was downtown for about four hours shooting on university avenue, filming a pilot for an hbo comedy by mike judge. if you don't know who he is, he is the creator of "beav "beavis & butthead" and the classic movie "office space." it's untitled at the moment but said to be about a group of programmers trying to strike it rich in silicon valley. dissatisfied, raring for a fight? proving it. members of the san francisco symphony played an impromptu concert at city hall last night. take a look at them, wearing los angeles dodgers hats, symbolically, saying l.a. symphony makes so much more than them. in fact, $7,500 more annually. now our symphony, they're very upset over stalled labor negotiations. collective bargaining agreement
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between the union and symphony ended and are now being overseen by a mediator. those negotiations continue today. >> sometimes you have to take a stand. >> rubbing it in. 5:25 right now. christina loren. mother nature is taking care of us. >> giving us beautiful weather. weather you want to get outdoors and enjoy. all good things must come to an end as fog will likely stunt your perfect drive this morning. really thick fog developing especially along the east shore. coming up from campbell to san jose, no problems for me. it's just going to be dependent on where you're headed. if you live or work near the bay, you really want to take it easy. that's where the thickest fog is this morning and up into the north bay in the interior valleys. we'll tell you when it's going to clear and how hot -- i said that word, hot it's going to be. 5:25, next report. first, let's check that drive with mike. >> good morning, christina. this is one of the bridges
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with the fog advisory from chp. christina talked about it being very thick in the north bay. crossing from the north bay, golden gate bridge, you will get hit with basically a wall of fog. by the time you reach the toll plaza, visibility is a little better as you see here. fog as well around the right side of the screen, orange color on the map is thick fog. i circled the golden gate bridge. it's not registering on our index. sig alert northbound 101 past the marrin sonoma county line, deadly accident that happened last night. it is counter commute however. >> mike, thank you. victory tour rolls on for the giants. now your chance to take a picture with the 2010 and 2012 world series trophies. all you have to do is stop by the giants dugout store in walnut creek. the event starts today, goes from noon until 2:00 pm. the giants are touring both the trophies at select cities until the start of the season. so fans have a chance to see
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them in person, up close and personal for free. >> pretty cool. 5:26 now. still to come on "today in the bay," live to vatican city for the latest on the efforts of choosing a new head to the catholic church. new moves in washington today to try to make sure your personal information stays personal.
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new this morning, extra security at a local high school after a threat is made. what the school is doing about it. and a new bill being introduced in sacramento today could help students get through college faster with online courses. i'm christie smith. i'll explain, coming up. and the fog and this morning's lows, winter, just one week left, though. daytime highs will be more representative of june and july. we're talking about the 80s. we'll let you know when the heat will break, coming up. >> as i watch your commute very
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carefully, we're losing sight of a lot of the bay area bridges. we'll show you the latest effect on your trans-bay crossing. liveook at vatican city. less than two hours ago, there was black smoke, indicating no pope yet. we'll get a live report from rome, coming up on this wednesday, march 13th. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. good morning, everybody. cyber experts will be meeting with the president in the latest effort to stop hacking. scott mcgrew, they'll be meeting in the same room where they watched the capture of osama bin laden unfold. >> that's right. the meeting will happen a short time from now in the situation room, in the lower floors of the white house and the president will discuss both the chinese
5:29 am
attacks and the recent hack attacks that targeted even his own wife. several famous names saw their personal information posted to the internet yesterday, including mrs. obama. we don't know specifically at this hour who these invited guests are to the situation room. only that they are ceos. we can presume many came from silicon valley. on monday, the u.s. took the most serious step yet when the national security adviser himself specifically called out china. not just blaming the country, jon, for hacking, but demanding leadership there do something about it. we continue to see the seriousness of all of this. again, the fact that they're going to do it in the same spot in the situation room, i think, adds a certain level of seriousness beyond that. >> clearly, yeah. absolutely. try to combat that, a tall order, scott. keeping an eye on it for us. thank you very much. >> santa clara county district
5:30 am
attorney may decide on charges for a morgan hill daycare worker accu accused of putting sleeping pills in children's sipy cups. marla tellez joins us with more on this investigation. >> reporter: good morning. morgan hill police tell us that deborah gratz was booked and charged on felony and misdemeanor child endanger charges. meantime, the kiddy academy, where the alleged incident took place is doing damage control after firing gratz. the 59-year-old teacher put sominex in several children's sipy cups. the tampered cups were taken away before the kids could actually drink from them but parents we talked to aren't getting any chances and are getting their kids checked out by their doctors. gratz looked after ten 1 to
5:31 am
2-year-olds. they did find evidence at her home in hollister. they also say gratz admits she did it, but say it was only that one time. parents we caught up were shocked and concerned. though at least one mother still says she has faith in this daycare. >> i think it was a particular one incident. and i do believe in his teachers doing a good thing and, you know, they've been taking care of him, so i trust them. >> i would never picture anybody do this to any kids. >> reporter: kiddie academy released a statement saying in part, "we are fully cooperating with authorities in this case. we take this matter seriously." now back here live, you can see posted above the door here, kiddie academy was voted best child care learning center in morgan hill in 2011. so, less than two years ago. the doors here open at 6:30. one hour from now, we'll be here to get more reaction from parents. live in morgan hill, marla
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tellez, "today in the bay." outraged parents have their say after news a pleasantton teacher may have tied up a 2-year-old in her care. >> there were people that were highly frustrated and there was raised voices, yes. >> reporter: center point christian preschool held a closed-door meeting with parents last night. former employee, 25-year-old angela cacuano is accused of tying a child's hands and feet for not settling down and taking a nap. she could soon be in court to face charges as soon as today. center point says it will close on friday for three days of intensive employee training. it will reopen on wednesday. also in pleasantton, new this morning, police there sending extra patrols tout foothills high school after finding threatening graffiti on campus. a note posted on the school's website, the principal says that graffiti included a threat
5:33 am
toward the school and it takes safety very seriously. the threat was apparently spray painted on the walls of one of the girls' bathrooms. so far no word on who sprayed that painted message. there is an anonymous tip line set up for anybody with any information. you can see it right there on your screen. today, california introducing legislation mandating allstate schools accept online course credit for students locked out of crowded classes on campus. "today in the bay's" christie smith is live in san francisco with what all this means for college students across the state. christie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, jon. many colleges and universities already choose to offer online courses. try and boost their graduation rates. this would be kind of a first in that this bill would require california's public colleges and universities to offer faculty-approved online courses for academic credit for a student. now, some universities, like san jose state, for instance,
5:34 am
already offer massive open online courses for academic credit. they started that with a recent program. if this bill passes, it would be the first time that state lawmakers have instructed public universities to grant credit even for online courses that are taught by an outside vendor, not specifically to college or universities. in part because of budget cuts, hundreds of thousands of students are shut out or delayed in getting the courses they need to graduate in a timely manor. according to state senator darryl steinberg, who introduced this bill, in the state university system only about 16% of students now graduate in four years. he recently told "the new york times," we want to be the first in the nation to make this promise. no college student in california will be depped the right to move through their education just because they couldn't get a seat in the courses that they needed. and it is expected to be approved. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, "today in the
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ba bay." >> hoping for a nice day on tap. in fact, the warmest of the week. >> i applaud that. i like that a lot. >> feeling like spring, christina. >> it is really nice. more than a slow clap for christina today. north napa, 80, walnut creek. sunnyvale 75 degrees. more throughout the day as we head throughout day tay once we get rid of this thick fog. travel cautiously there. elsewhere, looking pretty good. 10 miles available to you in san jose. you will find this fog drifting around. it will get worse before it gets better. thickest fog between 7 and 9:00 and we'll start to see clearing. hour by hour detail works like this. stop that clock for you at noon. high noon in san jose, 67 degrees. 69 at noon in livermore. 60 in oakland. great conditions for outdoor
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lunch plans. you might actually be using your ac for the first time this year in places like fairfield. 85 degrees, yeah, above the threshold for most people when it comes to comfort and the heat. keep that in mind. temperatures will be very warm today, but not much longer. as we head through tomorrow, that ridge will start to weaken a little bit. for us, that means it won't be quite as warm. we'll see less fog as well with more mixing in our atmosphere. keep that nndn mind. your seven-day outlook is coming up in a minute. first we'll check your drive with mike. >> good morning. san mateo bridge, westbound at 92 coming off that high rise, approaching 101. pretty clear view here. easy drive and smooth flow. look on the hayward side, dramatically different view of what we can see of the bridge. taillights away from us in that westbound direction. getting hit with that fog coming off 880. road weather index, which is orange right here. areas south of castro valley.
5:37 am
oakland, oakland hills, piedmont, highway 24, looking at orange there. showing you fog. slow across the bay bridge. toll itself is clear, guys. back to you. >> not clear in los altos. we'll have more on that story come i coming up. palo alto teen actually placing tenth. 16-year-old shoshana udevan won a $20,000 award for math research. four other bay area students were among the 40 finalists. 1,700 students entered research in biochemistry, physics, math, engineering and medicine for consideration. some competition there. she came out on top. >> huge cheers and congrats to shoshana. i love it when the kids are out there, doing big things like that. beautiful. salute that. 49ers could soon be adding a futurer hall of famer to their
5:38 am
roster. meeting today that could make this all happen. >> live look at vatican city where we're waiting for the next session to choose a pope to begin. a live report on what is in store next. plus, do you remember this guy? the guy walking with no shirt on. he wrestled a shark away from an australian beach. yeah, he was brave. now he learned that he lost his job because of it. we'll tell you why.
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keeping bikes out on the street. that is the goal in a new proposed law, discussing an ordinance today that would ban riding a bicycle on sidewalks in the downtown area. the ordinance is still in that preliminary stage. today's hearing to keep bikes off sidewalks begins today at 2:00 pm at city hall. another big name could be
5:41 am
added to the niners' roster. 36-year-old safety charles woodson will be in santa clara today to talk to the team. woodson was recently released from the green bay packers. could be a pretty good get for the niners, who are expected to lose all pro safety goalson. backup tight end walker and defensive tackle isaac sopolaga signed on with other teams. lot of changes potentially coming there. the corner of walsh and debartolo, you can say meet me there. that will be the new address of the stadium in santa clara. voting last night to call the two streets bordering the stadium bill walsh drive and debartolo way. who wering the history and legacy of the team and its players, hall of fame at the
5:42 am
stadiu stadium. >> spectacular weather. that's where we're going to be. >> right where they intersect. 5:44. take you through those changes. those mornings where you have your wardrobe completely open to you. cold enough for the boot or if you want to bring sexy back, you can go straight to the birkenstocks or sandals. it will be one of those days. jon kelly, i'm talking to you. live look, san francisco. this is such a great shot. it actually shows you the science of how fog works here in the area. strong ridges of high pressure squishes that marine layer down to nothing, forces it to the surface. that's what you're seeing here. if you live in one of these high rises you're looking out above the cloud banks. pretty school stuff there. we would love to see those pictures if you have the luxury. 35 degrees to start the day in livermore. 50 in san jose, 45 in gilroy.
5:43 am
comfortable afternoon especially as you get rid of that fog. you'll likely encounter thick pockets on the way to work. mike and i will be tracking that for you. mostly cloudy conditions at that point over the bay area. between 8:00 and 11:00, all that fog just vanishes. a great-looking day shaping up. 80 in livermore. 77 degrees, getting lucky before st. patrick's day. by popular demand, i brought him back, jon jon the leprechaun. maybe a little shower activity on tuesday. 5:45. let's check that drive, mike. >> so much a better name than leppy the leprechaun. that doesn't sound good at all. volume starting to build now on 101, what you typically see before 6:00. how this plays out on the maps, not a real big deal. have 680 up toward 880. speeds coming down a bit. but over here, 880, between 280
5:44 am
and bascom, that little slowing here. road crew scheduled overnight. we've seen this for quite some time. north of 217 interchange. we have a crash still active there. no slowing past the scene. this is near the off-ramp. it's not completely off 17 itself. keep that in mind. slowing approaching the tri-valley interchange, 580 slows out of the altima pass. as our road weather index shows that as well. smooth drive across the venetia bridge. shows a nice clear view right now, 680 through the sunol gr e grade. emeriville, what i can show you of the east shore freeway is just these few lights coming westbound. this is where the fog is really hitting us. back to you. updating you now from vatican city in rome. no new pope yet.
5:45 am
ed 1.2 billion catholics watching and waiting to see who would il the next pope. black smoke has come out, indicating cardinals have not come to an agreement. live in vatican city, watching it all unfold where the cardinals have another vote scheduled for later on today. tracy, good morning. >> good afternoon, everyone, from rome. cardinal cardina cardinals taking lunch. will take a second vote. coming out of that chimney at the sistine chapel, last night we saw it. we saw more black smoke today, indicating they've yet to reach a consensus on who the next leader of this church should be. a briefing from the press office, talking about what will be going on here.
5:46 am
thousands of people gathered in the square. in fact, press office said they were surprised themselves by how many people came. they're looking forward in anticipation to see how many people may actually come out for the installation or introduction of the new pope. they got a lot of phone calls about the smoke last night. big plumes of black smoke from at chimney. they got phone calls from people who were wondering and worried if the cardinals inside were okay. some of them are older. some of them have been ill. they seemed to be going everywhere. they assured us all 115 -- >> so much love and care out there, everybody was worried. we wanted to make sure everything was okay. thank you, tracy. check back in a little later. >> it is 5:48 right now. latest test flight for boeing struggling 787 dreamliners could start as soon as today.
5:47 am
approving testing on some jets. the lithium ion batteries had grounded all the 787s. prototypes installed in two aircrafts will now undergo limited test flights. new this morning, an historic finish to the alaska iditarod dog sled race. mitch sevie becomes the oldest winner of the grueling 1,000-mile contest, marking his second iditarod win. his son, dallas, won last year's event, becoming the youngest winner. to the victors go the spoils, winning $50,000 and a big old plant. getting the sugar for the win. he also wins a new pickup truck. nice work. british man who was called a hero after wrestling a shark at a beach in australia has now been fired from his job.
5:48 am
62-year-old paul marshallcy was caught on camera by a brew as he rushed into the water to wrestle a shark away from swimming children. his boss wasn't too impressed. turns out he was supposed to be on sick leave for stress when that all happened. he now says he has been fired from his job along with his wife who worked for the same company and was also on sick leave at the time. >> trying out there to save lives, playing superhero, now looking for a new gig. 5:50. coming up. trouble for hundreds of thousands of tax filers. the trouble at h & r block that could delay your dividend. we'll look ahead of the markets for yet another record for the dow. that's ahead in business news.
5:49 am
5:50 am
up to 600,000 tax returns
5:51 am
issued by h & r block may be delayed. it stems from the form you fill out to get the student tax credit. tax preparers could leave a field blank to indicate a no answer but this year you have to answer an n or the forms and your refund will get delayed. h & r block says people who filed between february 14th and 22nd are affected. you can actually check the status of your return on the irs website under the where's my refund tab. scott mcgrew says seagate just hit a bill big mile tls stone. 2 billion? >> yes. seagate based in scott's valley says it took 40 years to sell the first billion, four years to sell the second billion. seagate trades as stx. it was up 4% after that news on the markets. the dow opened at yet another
5:52 am
record high after gaining a few points tuesday. when you're at a record a few points is another record. google will start selling tickets to the goggle io conference in san francisco later this spring. $900 tickets go on sale 7:00 am, have been sold out in the past few minutes later. the conference generally for developers, though there are fun announcements. last year, google announced g g google glass there. federal trade commission has updated its policies on how people advertise online with paid posts. we already know a blogger has to disclosed that he or she is getting paid to rave about the latest spaghetti sauce or diet pill. now they're issuing guidelines for twitter or facebook. if you're getting paid to talk about something, you need to be clear about it unless the person reading it could reasonably be expected to understand there's a business relationship. laura, for instance, if you link to an article on from your personal twitter
5:53 am
account we're going to assume there's advertising going on there that you're getting paid for. >> no? . not at all. >> shhh. >> the rest of us are getting paid. >> hey! >> scott, real quickly, going back to the google story, how much does google make per year? >> goodness gracious, hundreds of billions of dollars. >> charge $900 for tickets? >> you know what else you get when you attend this conference, google gives you a laptop, tablet and phone. >> gift bags. >> so, $900 well spent. >> there's a return on it. >> there sure is. >> that makes sense. thank you very much. >> thank you very much for the forecast as well, christina. what a great one this week. >> you're welcome. you're welcome, laura and jon. good morning to you. it will be nice yet again. temperatures rivalling those we experienced in june, even july. temperatures today in the mid 80s. right now we're in the mid 40s. 50 in oakland. by noon, touching on the upper 60s.
5:54 am
then we'll round out the day like this. 83 in fairfield. 73 in san francisco. 77 right here in beautiful san jose. 5:56. let's see how that drive is shaping up, where you can see. morning, mike. >> that's the key, where you can see. chp continues with the fog advisory for basically the oakland side. i could see that from this shot. cash lanes backing up as well. still no metering lights. you'll see them but not much more. look at the map, orange overlay, tied in the weather system. this is where the fog is really kicking in. visibility down toward a tenth, maybe, of a mile. oakland, piedmont, looking at slow around the maze as well. golden gate bridge has a fog advisory. not showing up on our sensors but it is in the live shots, trust me. north 280 westboro, new stall in the lanes past 380. we still have a smooth drive on
5:55 am
the sensors right now. i'll track that as they probably have to do a traffic break. quick shot out there of traffic flowing along the peninsula. it's very clear here. >> thank you very much. 5:57. coming up, new dangers surrounding a very popular drug that is supposed to help you keep the flu away. also, tahoe has some fresh new snow. we'll check out those new conditions on the slopes for you, coming up.
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5:57 am
the next catholic pope waiting in the wings as black smoke pours from the sistine chapel once again. next round of secret voting at the vatican. >> plus sleeping pills in sippy cups. why the allegations have still not led to charges against a teacher. deadly heart risk for a commonly prescribed antibiotic. and near-record warmth for
5:58 am
the final week of winter. today, we will peak in terms of our warming trend. and then we have rain in the forecast. lots to sort out for you. that's coming up. i'll show you what i can. this fog has become an issue. unseasonable issue. i'll show you what the latest is for interstate 80. >> live look, very cool look over the south bay at san hojos. clouds dancing out there in the early morning dawn as we get you jump-started on hump day, wednesday, march 13th. this is "today in the bay." >> announcer: from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." you made it to wednesday. good morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm jon kelley. very good morning to one and all. new this morning, there you see it, black smoke from the sistine chapel. that means still no consensus on who will be the next pope. this morning, st. peter's square filled with onlookers with their
5:59 am
umbrellas out there, fighting off that rain. they have it there on a big screen, the announcement. take a look at the vatican. all 115 voting cardinals are on their lunch break. that will be until the next round of voting takes place. live look. the cardinals vote as many as four times a day during two separate sessions, a morning session and an afternoon session and the smoke only goes up two times a day at 4:00 in the morning and usually 11:00 in the morning our time. that is, of course, unless a pope has been chosen. in that case, white smoke will go up through that chimney immediate immediately. after the cardinals finish their lunch break today, they will return to the sistine chapel for another round of voting and the voting then starts 15 minutes later and ends with a prayer at the sistine chapel at 11:15 our time this morning.


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